• HTMLPrint

    Utility for printing HTML pages in an invisible way, called from other application, either passing the page to print or a file list as a command line parameter. Also can monitor a directory for incoming files in order to print them.
    HTMLPrint can print with its own embedded printing engine or using Firefox engine (version 8). It is fast and requires only an small amount of computer resources to run effectively.

    Printing can be done in different ways: 1. By batching documents as retainable lists which can be automatically printed in document sequence of your choice. 2. By sending the file or directory name to be printed as a command line parameter to HTMLPrint the file or HTML files inside a director will be printed in an invisible fashion. 3. Using Directory Monitoring. HTMLPrint runs in the Windows Task Bar watching continuously a folder for incoming HTML (or image) documents and printing them.

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  • Other Programs

    Miscellaneous programs directed to end users or professionals:

       Vision Field

       Bersoft Scan Helper

  • Batch Scan Plus

    Batch Scan Plus (BSP) is oriented to scanning a chapter or a long series of documents or when you need to deal with files from a digital camera. Because it treats the series of pages as a set.

    Batch Scan PlusBSP is the solution for the woes of scanning books on flatbed scanners. Now removing the dreaded black area in the book gutter and perimeter and eliminating automatically noise from black and white or grayscale images is fast and convenient.

    Scanning two pages at once is easy since BSP rotates and saves each scan as two files, and keeps the numbering right too.

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All these apps run on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP (32/64 bit).