Bersoft Array Analyzer [version 1.0] Runs on Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7/8

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Ordering Array Analyzer

When you order, we will provide you with a protected download link for the full licensed version and the the activation key.
Important: Please click here to learn more about the activation process.,

We provide lifetime e-mail support and free upgrades to all future 1.x versions of the software.


 Ordering the current version1.x
$ 79
  • The price is expressed in u$s dollars.
  • European customers should add VAT.
  • If you want to order by Purchase Order and pay by check or wire transfer, please contact us instead clicking the Next button on the bottom of this page. Inquiry Form.
  • In case you want to purchase several licenses, please tell us how many licences you want and we will provide you with a discounted price. Inquiry Form.

License Agreement

The payment can be done using:  MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JSB, US$ Checks, Eurocheques or Bank wire transfers by Internet, fax, mail or telephone (click on the Next Step button, after filling the form below to learn more).

I.D. number
We need this number to generate the activation key that will enable the software in your computer. Learn More.
If you still don't know the I.D. number, it can be sent to us at any time using our contact form.

ATTN!: Important information will be sent to you by email. Please take special care to enter your email address correctly.
If you do not receive the activation in the next 24 hours, please make sure that your spam filters are not blocking our email.