Add to Active Database

Main Menu: File > Add to Active Database

This submenus has two commands, that either add the current image or several frames from a live Video Capture in course to the Database in use. If no Database or no image is opened the commands will be disabled.

Toolbar button: (this button only appears when the Database Pane is opened).
Ctrl-D, but can be changed in the Preferences window.

Adds the current image to the Database in use.
Depending on the Database settings and if the image was or not saved before performing this command, the image may be copied to the Database IMAGES folder or not.

When a Live Video Capture is performed, the File > Add to Active Database > Video Frames command can be used to add several Video Frames to the Active Database.

It opens the Automatic Capture Settings windows where you can set how many frames, and with which interval they will be captured.

When capturing live video to still images some frames may be dropped (lost) if the capture interval is very small (like 1 or 2 frames).

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