Array Analyzer: calculation results

After the Calculate button is clicked on the Array Analyzer window, the object's array statistics will be calculated and shown in a windows like the one shown below:

The first column in the grid show the object row and column numbers. Each object will be assigned a percentage value, relative to the Mean value of the darker object, which will have a 100% value. If some objects are lighter than the background they may return negative Dot% values, but only when Subtract Background is unchecked. The same object will return zero Dot% values if Subtract Background is checked, since any pixel inside an object that is lighter than the background color will not be taken into account, only pixels darker than the background color will be processed.

The other grid columns show different statistical values.

The calculation settings are shown on the left grey pane

File Menu
Save As...


  CVS file Saves the Data as a Comma delimited text file with .CSV file extension. Spreadsheets programs, including Excel and statistical programs can read this format.
  HTML file Saves the Data as an HTML file with .htm file extension.*
  ASCII file Saves the Data as an ASCII (only text) file with .TXT file extension.*


HTML Array       Exports one single data column as an HTML page.

If Range Colors are specified and Use colors is selected, the values are colorized according to their value (Min/Max. column doesn't support Range Colors). Click on the color boxes to set the colors. In the example at the left, values below the number specified in Below will be green, values bigger than the value in Over, white, and in between values yellow.

If Include images is selected the images of each blot is included in the HTML page (as a .PNG file) In such case both the images and the HTML page are saved in the same folder.

If Display is selected, the HTML file will be displayed immediately after it is saved.


* When saving as HTML or ASCII, not only the grid data get  saved but also the image filename and the channel name. HTML files include also the same information displayed in the pane to the left of the grid.


You can print only the data (Grid) or also the image.

Print Preview

You can print preview only the data (Grid) or also the image.

Print Settings Opens the Printer Settings Dialog.
Edit menu

It only has a command: Copy to Excel. It will pass the calculation data to Excel and start it showing the calculation data.

The conversion factor doesn't influence how Pixel Profile or Array Analyzer work. It only affects values written into the Measurements Pane.