Submenu Color Mode

Main Menu: Image > Color Mode

This menu is not available then working on Medical Images.

Convert to 24 bit color

Increases the color depth of the image to 24-bit color depth.

Convert to Black and White

Turns the image into a black-and-white image. A 1-bit image can display just 2 colors, black and white

Write into Threshold text box levels from 1 to 255 or click the auto button. All pixels with brightness values below the Threshold level will become black, and pixels above that value will become white.

Using the Ordered Dithering method intermingles pixels to produce patterns. Images may appear to be composed of cross-hatches and dots.

Reduce Colors

Opens the Reduce colors dialog box that allows setting the number of colors you wish reducing the image.

Gray Scale Reduces colors to a 256 levels grayscale image. The grays in the image are based upon the brightness of the corresponding pixels in the original image. Learn More.
Convert Gray Scale to False Color Maps the grayscale levels in the image to the visible spectrum color range.