Database: File Operations

Main Menu (in Database Pane): File > Edit > File Operations


All File Operations are performed over the selected records, if no records are selected no File Operations are available.

To perform File Operations over the entire Database, click in the Browse Tab to show all Database Records and then click Edit > Select All, to select the whole Database.

To prevent from mistakenly deleting files, when emptying the Recycle Bin only the records and associated files inside the Database IMAGES folder are deleted, but files keep externally of that folder will never be deleted.

The only way to delete not only records, but also external linked files is by selecting File Operations > Delete Files & Records.

The different operations that can be performed on Files are:

Copies the files to the chosen folder.

The Database Records will not be modified in any way, only the files linked to the records (images or any other kind) will be copied to the selected location.

Moves the files to the chosen folder and actualize the Database Records.

Any files, either external or inside the IMAGES folder, will be moved to t he selected place, and the Database Records will point to the new files.

Delete files & Records
Deletes both the Database Records and any linked external files from disk.

: Records deleted this way cannot be recovered from the Database Recycle Bin.

Delete Records
Deletes Database records and any linked files that are inside the IMAGES folder permanently (no Recycle Bin recovery), excepting external files.

Rebuild Thumbnails
Rereads the selected picture files, recreates the thumbnails and updates the file-related information, such as checksum, date and image size.

Delete Duplicated Records and Files
All records with duplicated files (detected by comparing files checksums) will be sent to the Recycle Bin. Emptying the Recycle Bin will delete only the records, to delete the files as well, select all records in the Recycle Bin and click
File Operations > Delete Files & Records.