First Steps

The Trial version can open the same kind of images than the full version  (see Supported File Types). Its only limitation is that images will be resided down to a size not bigger than 640 x 480 pixels, unless the full version, which can open images up to 15000 x 10000 pixels. If images smaller than 640 x 480 images are opened with the trial version they will remain unchanged, bigger images will be decreased in size (but without modifying the original file). When capturing images from a video camera, the trial version will resize them to 320 x 240 pixels.

Also, the Trial version will take count of the number of images that were opened, and will stop working after 50 images were opened.

Manual (point and click) Measurements

Select the appropriate measurement tool in the Tools Toolbar (shown on the right) and point and click to perform a distance, angle, perimeter, area,  point or line measurement. Learn more.

The measurements will be recorded in the Measurements Pane, from there they can be also exported or send to the Results window.

Area measurements

Area measurements are an special case and can be handled using the Selection Settings palette, which opens automatically when the button is clicked.

Conversion factor

Although Bersoft Image Measurements performs all measurements in pixels it can convert automatically the pixel values to any other real world dimensional measurements such as millimeters, microns, feet, miles, etc. The conversion is done by multiplying the pixel measurements values by a Conversion Factor. Learn more.

Image Database

Bersoft Image Measurement Databases are intended for organizing images and sound recordings, although they can also handle any other kind of files.

The Image Databases are small, secure and fast.

Records can be assigned keywords for easy retrieval.

Databases can be saved to any medium and backups are automatic.

Custom Database fields can be set as well as a password to secure the access.

Images can be added to the activate Database with just a click ( button) or by pressing the shortcut for adding images.

Images in the Database can be compared against other images easily. See Merge/Compare with another image for more information.

Learn More.


You can only get statistics from the measurements, wither from the Measurements Pane or the Results window. To do so click either the button or the File > Statistics menu.

Tip: Nearly all the program windows and palettes have an associated help page, press F1 to get contextual help for the active window. In some cases you can also get help by clicking the Help menu or the button on the title bar of the window you want to get help for.

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