Macros are set and run from the Adjust Bar and they  are used for performing multiple (up to 14) sequential measurements in the same order, again and again. They do not change the image in any way but perform the predefined measurements when the user clicks on the image.

The kind of measurements supported by Macros are:

Macros don't define where to perform each measurement but only the kind and sequence of measurements to perform.

The Macro Tab has several buttons:

Most buttons are disabled until a new macro is created using the New button or selected in the Macro menu to the top left.

After saved, macros can be modified by using the Edit button.

Use the Run button to perform the measurements associated with the selected macro. Click Cancel to stop the measurements at any time.

When running, macros will be performed automatically as soon as the user clicks with the mouse over the image.

After the last measurement for the running macro is done the program will beep once.


Let say you want to measure an Angle and two segments.

To create a macro for performing those measurements, first open the Adjust Bar, and click in the Macro tab, then click New. You will be asked for the name to identify the new macro.

After writing the name and clicking OK you will see the macro edition window, showing the name that you wrote on the window title bar.

Since you will perform 3 measurements, enable the first three measurements by clicking in the first 3 selection boxes in the Enable column.

Then select the kind of measurement you want to perform for each macro, i the Measurements column, from top to bottom.

At this point, you should see on your screen something like the left image.

The 3 first user clicks, when running the macro called NewMacro will be used to measure an Angle, the clicks 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 will measure two segments.

When the macro runs, as the user clicks on the image, the measurements will be performed.