Menu Measurements

This menu shows only one command when no images are opened:

Shortcut keys


Opens the Formula Editor window.

If at least one image is opened, other commands will appear on this menu.

Shortcut keys/

View/Hide Measurements


By default the measurements are drawn on the image along with its labels, but both them will be hidden if this option is unselected.

View/Hide Centroid


Each measurement Centroid is displayed as a cross, but if this options is unselected, it will be not shown.

Labels Display

Show Ellipse/Rectangle
Ellipses and Rectangles can show only the area, only the height and width or both measurements in its labels.

Only area

Disregarding the options selected in Labels Display, you can see all the features of each measurement by opening the Measurements Pane.

Area, height and width

Only height and width

Multiple Segment/FreeForm Tools

Show Area
Show Perimeter/Length

The options are to show the area or the area or the perimeter/length. If the polygon is not closed, the length will be shown in all cases, since area cannot be calculated for an unclosed polygon.


Show Length
Show All

By default the Arc measurements will show both Length, Radius and Angle, but when Show Length is selected, only Length will appear.

Show measurement only

The Measurement Labels can display the measurement value, the measurement name, both them or nothing.
When displaying the value, it will be shown using the decimal positions specified in the Measurement window Decimal positions text box.

The counter tool either will display the counter number or nothing, if Don't show anything is selected.

If Show Always the real size is unchecked, the measurement's Labels will be reduced when the zoom is less than 100%, and hidden completely, when the text size is too small for reading; otherwise (when checked), the measurement's Labels will be displayed always with the same size, no matter the zoom.

To move a Measurement Label, by dragging it with he mouse, select the measurement with the Measurement Selection Tool , right click and then select Move Label in the pop-up menu. The Move menu shown to the left only tells how to move a measurements but doesn't perform the movement.

Show feature name only

Show both feature name and measurement & Name

Don't show anything

Show Always the real size




Works only when using the Manual Tag and Counter Tool , which allows counting manually objects within an image. Each time you click on an image, a tag appears on it  and both the local image counter and the global counter are increased by one.  Each tag is stored in the Measurements Pane and numbered accordingly to the local image counter.  

This menu doesn't affect how tags are counted and stored in the Measurements Pane, but allows resetting and seeing the global counter which counts the clicks done on many different images.



Merge measurements (flatten image)


Merges all the measurements with the image.

After measurements become part of the image they cannot be separated or modified in any way.

If the image was not saved you can use Revert to saved to get back the measurements (as editable objects, separated from the image background), but if the image was saved after merging the measurements, there is no way to get back the measurements.

Clear All Measurements


After asking your confirmation it will clear all the image measurements.

Clear Selected Measurement


After asking your confirmation it will clear the selected measurement.

Clear counting gaps


Use this command to clear the gaps that appear between measurements numbers after deleting measurements.

Each new measurement is numbered sequentially starting from 1 and each different kind of measurements has its own counter.

Warning: If the image has several series of counter measurements, all having similar numbers, they will be converted to a single series, with sequential numbering without duplicated numbers.

Note: Only the counter tools allows resetting manually its counter, by right clicking on the counter  icon,

Cancel Measurement


Cancels the measurement that is being edited or done.