Measuring points along

To measure multiple points along a line or polygon, use the tool, which inserts control points with each click as the following image shows:

Control points may be moved, added and deleted. When the points are properly arranged, the measurement  is done by right clicking and selecting Write measurement or alternatively Write measurement and extended information.
The SHIFT key locks the measuring in ONLY 90 degree directions to the previous control point, allowing drawing lines perfectly vertical or horizontal (orthogonal lines)

Measuring irregular shapes with the Freehand Tool

The Freehand Tool Draws irregular shapes and calculates length/perimeter and area.

Start drawing by holding down the mouse button while drawing the shape. Continue to hold the mouse button while you draw free hand.

When you release the mouse button select if you want to close the shape (to measure area and perimeter) or not (to measure only length).

Drawing points along a line

  1. Select the Polygon tool   and draw the line, clicking twice to place both end points. If it is an orthogonal line, keep pressed the SHIFT key:

  1. Add the intermediate points, taking care of clicking as exactly as possible on the line (Learn more):

If you click too close to another point, instead of adding a new point the program will selected the other point.
To avoid such problem, click more far away from other points and keep pressed the mouse button.
Then you can move the new point in 1 pixel increments by pressing the arrow keys and move it as close to another points as you want.

  1. Right-click and select Write measurement in the shortcut menu:

  1. The measurements will be recorded in the Measurements Pane.