Merge/Compare with another image

Main Menu: Image > Transform > Merge/Compare with another image
hortcut: Ctrl-Alt-M

Combines two images together to create a merged image. Also you can combine and merge channels from the original image.

Open the first image and then select Image > Transform > Merge to browse for the second image. Then the merge window will appear.

How merge/compare works

The opacity of both images can be set, from 0 (fully transparent) to 255 (fully opaque).

The horizontal and vertical offset moves the front image. Moving the image may be useful  when both images don't have the same size.

A Zoom control is provided here because the normal zoom command is disabled while merging images.

Both images can be zoomed at once or only the front image can be zoomed.

Also the front image can be rotated.

Blink can be enabled and the blink interval regulated. Sometimes blinking the front image helps locating differences between the two images.

See also: Paste as a Layer