Bersoft Image Measurement is a powerful image asset management Windows application that makes it easy to acquire, measure, store, compare and analyze digital images.

To measure an image, simply click on the image to define control points. The program will automatically perform measurements, calculate areas, and generate statistical analysis. All measurements are drawn over a special measurement layer, so the original image is not altered in any way.

Live video measurements can be performed on a new image window, where the live video can be measured, paused and worked on as any other image.

A grid, guides and other images can be superposed to the live video feed to make easy comparison. Learn More.

The program supports DICOM, JPEG, TIFF, and many other image formats (see Supported file types). Also images can be captured either from TWAIN scanners and digital cameras or from live video sources. It's easy to export images in RGB, HSV, HSL, or even generate a matrix with the decimal or hexadecimal values of the image pixels.

Bersoft Image Measurement can be installed normally as any other software but also can be installed as a portable application either on a USB Flash Drive or a USB removable hard disk.

You can perform angle, distance, perimeter, area, and point and line measurements by using the Tools Toolbar.
Spatial calibration
is available to provide real world dimensional measurements such as kilometers, centimeters, microns, or miles, for both linear and area measurements.
Lens Calibration
corrects lens distortions.

The program can calculate statistics from the measurements. You have instant access to counts, mean, median, minimum, maximum, range, variance, standard deviation, standard error, coefficient of variation, skew, kurtosis, and frequencies. It also supports DICOM images (read only), Pixel profile, Charts.

You can rotate, resize, merge, flip and rotate selections. With its multiple document interface (MDI), the program supports any number of images simultaneously. See also Maximum image size.

Make features of interest in images more defined by manipulating the settings for gamma, contrast, brightness, and intensity range. Learn More.

The Trial version can open the same kind of images than the full version  (see Supported File Types). Its only limitation is that images will be resided to a size not bigger than 640 x 480 pixels, unless the full version, which can open images up to 15000 x 10000 pixels. If images smaller than 640 x 480 images are opened with the trial version they will remain unchanged, bigger images will be decreased in size (but without modifying the original file). When capturing images from a video camera, the trial version will resize them to 320 x 240 pixels.

Also, the Trial version will take count of the number of images that were opened, and will stop working after 50 images were opened.

Measurements are drawn on a vectorial layer (overlay) and they can be edited or adjusted as many times as needed, its color and position can be modified. Because they are drawn as vectorial images, they look exactly the same at any zoom value.

Each image gets its own measurements datasheet, and because that each set of measurements related to the same image can have a different conversion factor.

Bersoft Image Measurement lets you visualize images in a variety of ways, including viewing histograms from partial or complete images, generating false color images, subtracting image backgrounds, merging images, inverting image colors, manipulating channels, applying filters, and adjusting features such as gamma, brightness, and contrast.

Can generate reports that can include measurement data, images, and text, in Acrobat, HTML or CSV (spreadsheet) formats.

Image Database

Create organized collections of data and image thumbnails that can be easily loaded, located, and retrieved. Bersoft Image Measurement Databases are intended for organizing images and sound recordings, but they can also handle any other kind of files.

Images can be added to the activate Database with just a click  or by pressing the shortcut for adding images.

Use the search function to organize and locate your images through keyword searches.

Images in the Database can be compared against other images easily. See Merge/Compare images and Paste as a Layer  for more information.

Learn More about Databases.

Whether you need to speed up the process of measuring scientific or industrial samples, or to perform statistical analysis on scans or photographs of irregular objects, Bersoft Image Measurement gives you the tools that you need.

  See also: What is new in the version 9?

Tip: Nearly all the program windows and palettes have an associated help page, press F1 to get contextual help for the active window. In some cases you can also get help by clicking the Help menu or the button on the title bar of the window you want to get help for.