Portable Application

Since version 6.10, Bersoft Image Measurement can run as a Portable Application, from USB (Flash or HDD) Drives.

A portable application is a computer software program that is able to run independently without the need to install files on each system it is run upon.

When Bersoft Image Measurement (BIM) is installed on a removable storage device, which should be a USB flash drive or any removable USB drive (like a removable hard disk, but not a floppy drive).

After BIM is installed on a USB Drive, it will be able to run on any system with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 2003 / 7 or 2008 without installing anything on the system. All BIM settings will be kept on the USB Drive.

Also the USB Drive should have a unique number embedded in it. Most USB Drives have a unique embedded number, but if they don't, such drives cannot be used for installing Bersoft Image Measurement.


When BIM installer runs you will be able to select where it will be installed, by selecting either a Destination Directory on your Hard Disk (the default choice) or a USB Drive letter.

To install BIM on a USB Drive, select the USB Drive letter by clicking on the Browse button near the Destination USB Drive textbox.

When installing BIM on a USB Drive, you will not be able to select the program Directory, but it will be always installed on a directory named BIM, in the selected USB Drive.

Also an starter program named image.exe will be copied to the USB Drive root Directory.

You can start BIM either by using the image.exe starter program or the imagebersoft.exe program in the BIN directory.