Preferences: Image Database tab

Main Menu: Edit > Preferences

The program preferences settings determine how Bersoft Image Measurement works.

The Preferences Window is divided into several tabs, click any of them to see its description, below the tab image.

This Tab sets some option in the Image Database Pane.

Shortcut: The  File > Add to Active Database > Current Image menu command uses the Crl-D shortcut by default, but any other shortcut can be set here. This command is used to add images to the Database.

The Save As Type drop down list is for selecting the image format used for adding new images to the current Database.

Notice that if the Database was configured to link to external images (when it was created), only images that were not saved previously will be saved in the Database, but already existent images will not be copied but stored as link in the Database.

All images acquired from scanners and video cameras, when added to the database, will be saved always inside the Database IMAGES folder, using the file type specified here.

Check Automatic Backup and enter a value in the Keep revisions field to retain as many as 99 revisions of a Database. Each time you open a Database a new backup will be saved into the same folder where the Database is stored.

The backup date is added to the name of the original Database for each revision file. When the last revision is created (for example, 4 of 4), the oldest revision in the folder is deleted. To retrieve a backup from the destination folder, you can open the revision file like any other Database file, by selecting Image Database Backup in the Open Dialog Files of Type drop down list:

If the Database is big, a confirmation will be asked before creating a new backup copy.

 Note: Backup copies only includes the Database fields and thumbnails, no the full image files.

If Automatic Saving is checked, the current Database will be saved automatically when you perform different actions, like adding files, moving files from one folder to another, etc. When closing a Database, it will be always saved automatically, disregarding how Automatic Saving is set..

To save manually the changes to the Database select the File > Save Database menu.