Preferences: Miscellaneous tab

Main Menu: Edit > Preferences

The settings specified in the Preferences Window determine how Bersoft Image Measurement works.

The Preferences Window is divided into several tabs, click any of them to see its description, below the tab image.

Polygonal Region filling mode

This affects how polygonal areas are calculated and polygonal selection are processed, that is only affects selections or measurements done with the Polygon tool .

ALTERNATE Selects alternate mode (fills area between odd-numbered and even-numbered polygon sides on each scan line).

WINDING Selects winding mode (fills any region with a nonzero winding value).

In general, the modes differ only in cases where a complex, overlapping polygon must be filled (for example, a five-sided polygon that forms a five-pointed star with a pentagon in the center). In such cases, ALTERNATE mode fills every other enclosed region within the polygon (that is, the points of the star), but WINDING mode fills all regions (that is, the points and the pentagon).

When the fill mode is ALTERNATE, the area between odd-numbered and even-numbered polygon sides is filled on each scan line. That is, the area is filled between the first and second side, between the third and fourth side, and so on.

When the fill mode is WINDING, any region that has a nonzero winding value is filled. This value is defined as the number of times a pen used to draw the polygon would go around the region. The direction of each edge of the polygon is important.