Preferences: View tab

Main Menu: Edit > Preferences

The program preferences settings determine how Bersoft Image Measurement works.

The Preferences Window is divided into several tabs, click any of them to see its description, below the tab image.

The grid helps to arrange image elements symmetrically.

To display the grid, choose Image > View/Hide Grid. Note that the grid appears in the actual image when you choose the command.
To hide the grid, choose Image > View/Hide Grid. The grid disappears from the current image.

Use Proprietary Open/Save Image Dialog: By default, Bersoft Image Measurement uses Windows Open/Save dialog instead the proprietary dialog used by previous versions. If desired, the proprietary Open/Save dialog can be activated by selecting this checkbox.

Mark Selected Measurement: If this options is checked the selected measurement will be marked with an arrow pointer .

Image Label Display for Measurements: Defines how the measurements labels will be drawn on the image.

Origin of coordinates system: Different from usual standard graphing, computer graphic coordinates start at the top left corner of the image, so the Y axis goes from top to bottom, not otherwise. To set the lower-left (as in normal Cartesian coordinates) point as the coordinates origin point, select Lower-left.