Supported File Types

The Trial version can open the same kind of images than the full version. Its only limitation is than images will be resided to a size not bigger than 640 x 480 pixels, unless the full version, which can open images up to 15000 x 10000 pixels. If images smaller than 640 x 480 images are opened with the trial version they will remain unchanged, bigger images will be decreased in size (but without modifying the original file).

The full version is not limited in any way. It can open images in many different formats, as shown below, up to about 15000 by 10000 pixels size. and can save the images along with the measurement.

File formats for loading and saving images:

File formats for loading images only:

Bersoft Image Measurement supports RAW files from many digital cameras but not the RAW files generated by Adobe Photoshop.


Note: Supports black and white, 8-bit grayscale, 8-bit paletted and 24-bit RGB images.