Main Toolbar

Main Menu: View > Main Toolbar

By default the Main Toolbar is aligned below the menu bar, with its buttons in an horizontal row, but it can dragged and placed on the left or right sides or floating around.

The different buttons on the toolbar are not always active, some of them are only available when an image is active or under some circumstances. When a command is disabled, its button is grayed-out.

Icon Shortcut


Opens the Video Capture Window.  See also Video Capture.
When capturing to an image window, the icon will change to an Stop button to end the capture when clicked.


This button will become activated only when capturing to an image window and is used to Pause the capture.


Opens the Image Database Pane.


Displays the Open Image dialog box.

Saves the measurements only. Learn More.
Opens the Acquire Window.
Opens the Print Setup dialog box to select printer, page orientation, and different printer settings, before printing the image.


Opens the Set Conversion Factor window, to calibrate, edit, load or save the measurement conversion factor.


Opens the Pixel Profile Window.


Opens the Find objects Window.


Opens the Histogram Window.


Opens the Filters Window.


Opens the Transform window, from where the image can be Rotated, Skewed, Flipped and Resized as well as changing the image Canvas size.

 If the image has any measurements, after it is modified, the measurements will become invalid.