Adjust Bar

Main Menu: View > Adjust Bar

This command shows or hides the Adjust Bar, ,which is on top of the image window.

Most Adjust Bar  tabs allow changing how the image is displayed, but don't modify the image in any permanent way, unless the Apply button is clicked.

The Macro Tab is used to create, edit and Run macros, which don't change the image but perform measurements when the user clicks on the image.

It has several tabs. The first tab is for adjusting Brightness,Contrast and Gamma.

The Reset button sets back Brightness, Contrast and Gamma value to its original values, so the image is displayed without modifications.

The second tab is for modifying the R, G and B channels (only in color images). Each channel can be reset independently.

The third tab is for modifying the Hue, Saturation and Luminance channels (only in color images). Each channel can be reset independently.

After the Adjust Bar is hidden, unless the adjustments were applied to the image, the image will be displayed as it was before setting any adjustments. The only exception are the guides and the grid, which will remain in place.

Adjustments are applied from left to right, in first place those specified in the BCG tab, followed by the adjustments set in the RGB and HSL tabs.

The fourth tab is for setting the Grid and Guides.

From this tab the grid spacing can be set at any size. You can also change its color at any time. The default grid color and size and guides color are set in the Preferences window.

To add Guides select either the Add/Remove Vertical Guide or Add/Remove Vertical Guide check boxes and then click on the video image where you want to place the Guide.

To remove a Guide, click on the guide or select the Guide coordinate in the Vertical or Horizontal lists on the right of the Settings Tab and then click the Clear button besides the list.

Selected Guides can also be adjusted pixel y pixel by using the arrow buttons.

Several guides can be selected at once in the guides list.

The fifth tab is for setting Macros.