What is new in the version 8.x


  • Improved compatibility with Windows 10.


  • The Array Analyzer doesn't change the array layer when loading new images. This makes easier to analyzer image lots with the same characteristics.

  • Can load measurements saved by the Linux / MAC editions of Bersoft Image Measurement.

  • Fixes several issues.


  • Miscellaneous improvements.


  • The revamped TRIAL version can open any kind of images, not only .IMB files. Its only limitation is than images will be resided to a size not bigger than 640 x 480 pixels, unless the full version that can open images up to 15000 x 10000 pixels. If images smaller than 640 x 480 images are opened with the trial version they will remain unchanged, bigger images will be decreased in size (but without modifying the original file).

8.44 and 8.45

  • Maintenance releases.


  • Shows the Radius and Angle of Arc measurements, besides showing its Length.


  • Remembers the last image format used by the "Save as" command and uses it as default format for future savings.

  • Fixes some issues when saving untitled non grayscale JPEG images with less than 24 bit pixel depth.

  • Improves the printing of charts and images.


  • Fixes a bug that prevented from printing the chessboard calibration image from the Calibration->Generate Lens Calibration Matrix menu..

  • Adds a Measurements->Counter menu that works with the Manual Tags and Counter Tool .


  • Completely redesigned find objects method. Finding blobs, droplets or any kind of objects in multiple images is better, easier and faster.

  • Adds a customized find objects method for evaluating spray deposit distribution in images.


  • Measurements files that include area measurements are smaller because they are compressed.

  • Ellipses can be rotated by using the rounded handler on its top right side.


  • Uses Windows default Open/Save dialog instead the proprietary dialog used by previous versions. If desired, the proprietary Open/Save dialog can be activated in Edit >Preferences > View.

  • JPEG Compression settings are set in Edit >Preferences > Saving.


  • New zoom range that now reaches 2000%.


  • New Print Preview as seen on screen command to print a page that resembles closely what is seen on the screen.

  • New copy option to copy not only the image but the measurements as well, as seen on the screen.

  • Improved drawing of measurements on top of the image.