What is new

Version Changes
1.1 Minor improvements.
  Array Analyzer analyzes dot blots and other basic arrays or whatever kind of images arranged in grids you may have.
  Pixel Profile displays a graph of pixel values or a pixel profile from a line drawn between two arbitrary points on an image.
  Font Color for measurements can be set.
  The Image -> Transform menu allows to rotate, change perspective and adjust canvas size in images.
  Rectangle Tool.
  Magic Wand now supports non-contiguous selections.
1.2 Minor improvements.
  Object Analyzer: to locate and analyze areas of interest,including statistics.
  Transform supports Undo/Redo and also adds two new features: Color Balance and Image Resize tabs.
  Can show, print, sort and copy data sheets with all measurements.
  Can open measurements performed by the Windows Edition.
1,3 Minor improvements.
  Adds a Folder Image Browser (menu File -> Browse Images), not only to browse for images in your filesystem, but also to preview the selected images.
1.4 Minor Improvements.
  Can calculate Statistics for the measurements (menu Measurements -> Show Statistics).
1.45 Improvements and corrections in the Folder Image Browser window.
  Minor improvements.