Account Settings

Main Menu: Configuration -> Account Settings

Toolbar Button:



Use Account Settings to configure each email account. It is divided in three tabs and on the left shows all email accounts.


Both the Incoming and Outgoing tabs have some similar options:

Use the Configure for button to configure accounts to its default values.

The Check button will notify you if the account configuration is working properly.


On the left there are three buttons to handle the accounts:




The Copy from other Account button will copy the SMTP configuration of other account.

The Copy button will copy the Login User Name and Password from the Incoming tab.


Write here the name, email and signature that you want to associated with each email account.

It is possible to include HTML tags in the signature.

Also it is possible to set different Host Names for each account.

Email programs usually insert your PC Name in the outcoming messages headers, to identify the Host Name from which the message is coming. If you want to replace your PC Name by your company name or whatever other word, write it in the Host Name text box. If this text box is left blank, your PC Name will be used as Host Name.