Auto Check Email

Bersoft Private Mail (BPM) will check for new incoming messages automatically at specified intervals, but only when it is minimized to the System Tray.


When checking for incoming messages, all accounts marked as active (in the Account Settings window) will be checked for new messages.


By default BPM checks for incoming messages, unless the option Check Email Automatically when minimized to the System Tray is unchecked, in the Misc. Tab of the Preferences window. From the Preferences window is also possible to set the time lapse for email checking and set BPM to play (or not) a sound when new messages arrive.

If Play Sound on New Email is checked BPM will play the sound file named "youHaveGotEmail.wav", which is placed inside BPM Main Folder, unless you have selected a different WAV audio file.



To minimize BPM to the system tray, close the program. To exit BPM click File -> Exit.