Getting Started


Bersoft Private Mail (BPM)  can be installed on the computer's hard driveor on a portable USB Stick or Hard Disk. BPM only can run under Windows XP or newer (including Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10)

Because BPM saves all messages and settings on its own folder, it must be installed in a folder where it can save files. That is the reason BPM whould not be installed into the Program Files folder. The default folder for installation is C:\Bersoft Private Mail.

First Steps

The first time BPM runs it will ask for a password.



The password that you enter will be used to encrypt all messages saved locally as well as the BPM configuration.

If you forgot the password you will not be able to read any messages stored locally nor to access your email accounts.

If you want to change your password at any time, that can be done easily (click Configuration -> Change Main Password menu item).


The button opens a Virtual Keyboard. The button opens an Emoticon Virtual Keyboard. If you are running BPM from an USB Stick in a computer that is not safe, using a virtual keyboard will prevent keyloggers from catching your password.


If you only want to test the program without bothering with a password, click the Default button. A default password will be used. Notice that if you use the default password, anyone that have access to your computer can read your emails.


After the Main window appears the first thing to do is to create at least one email account. Click on the button to do that. Learn More.


If you want to send and/or receive encrypted emails see Sending/Receiving Encrypted Messages.


If you want to change the way BPM looks try its many different visual styles by exploring the Configuration -> Visual Styles menu options.


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