Main Menu: Configuration -> Preferences


The Preferences window is divided into three tabs.


The options in this tab define the Font Size and Name for messages as well as display preference: HTML or Plain Text.

Also the message editor default option can be set to use Plain Text or formatted (HTML) text. Notice that when replying to messages, the editor will use Plain Text or Formatted text depending on the message format. By default messages will be answered using the same format that they have, ignoring the default setting, which will only apply to new messages.

The HTML Font Name and Size will be used for HTML messages that don't have any font style and for the Message Editor. The Text Font Name and Size will be used for Text Only messages and to show the messages Source Text.

Spam & Trash


The old Spam and Trash files are deleted just before closing down the program. If the program runs continuously without ever stopping, the Spam and Trash files never will be deleted automatically.


if "Read IMAP folders every time the account is accessed" is checked BPM will check for new messages every time the folder is accessed, otherwise it will check only the first time.

If the users double click on an IMAP folder, all online messages in that folder will be downloaded, both new messages and older messages, that will be downloaded again.

Email Checking

If Check Email Automatically when minimized to the System Tray is checked BPM will check for new messages in all active email accounts periodically.

You can define the time lapse between checks in minutes.

If Play Sound on New Email is checked BPM will play the sound file named "youHaveGotEmail.wav", which is placed inside BPM Main Folder, unless you have selected a different WAV audio file.

A notification will be shown whenever new message(s) arrive, either in the Windows Tray or centered in the screen.

See also Auto Check Email.