Limitations of the Trial version

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To order, simply select Online Ordering under the Help menu, after closing this help screen. You will be taken to the order form on our web site. You may also find the current pricing and the different ordering methods (by check, fax or mail or using a purchase order) in our website, even if you are not ready to order yet.

The order form, with fully disclosed prices is at:

You can also contact us by email using our online contact form.

After Bersoft Sampling Analyzer (BSA) is installed on a computer it generates a unique identificatory number called ID #, which is based on the computer hardware. That number is use to generate the activation key for BSA.

When you order by selecting Online Ordering from the Help menu, the ID # for BSA will be send along with your order. If you order by going directly to our website, you should look in the About window for the ID # and write it in the order form.

Of course, you can place an order without providing theID #, if you still do not know in which computer(s) you will install BSA, but you should provide us the ID # by email afterwards to get an activation key.

To know more about how the identificatory number works and how many activation keys you can get please see: What is the identificatory number?