Bersoft Sampling Analyzer [version 1.0]
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Bersoft Sampling Analyzer (BSA) is intended for simulating and analyzing samplings from experimental data, using both infinite and finite populations.

BSA performs sampling simulations from the population data to helps to determine the number of representative samples and successful acceptance sampling by analyzing the population data and the data sampling or subset of the population generated by the software.

BSA allows to filtering the population for identifying and generating subpopulations or choosing the best set of data range the population.

BSA supports basic statistics, frequency, and graphics that are available for both the population data and simulated samples data.

Calculating the sample size

BSA provides several formulas for getting the sample size. The population size will affect the sample size especially if the population is not too large.

N Size of the population
n Size of the sample
n' Sample size adjusted
Z Level of confidence:
p Frequency expected factor to consider
q 1-p
E Precision or error accepted defined by the sampler
(ex. Values: 5%=0.05; 10%=0.1; 15%=0.15, etc.)
Infinite Population Samples Size

Formula to estimate the sample size used for infinite population:

n= (Z^2*p*q)/E^2

Correction formula applied:



Finite Population Sample Size

Sample size for finite population known:


Sum sampling

This option allows the sampler selecting samples until to get a wanted value by sum of the data.

Sampling methods

The sampling can be done by

  1. Sampling without replacement

  2. Sampling with replacement

Also BSA can simulate both sampling at random and systematic sampling.

Systematic sampling

Select at random one element and continue selecting new sample at a constant interval until completing the number of samples.