How it works

Bersoft Scan Helper(BSH) has several tool bars on the left (although they can be dragged to float or put on top of the main window).

On the right is has a panel with four tabs: Saving, Naming, Processing and Options.


When scanning, you can work using just the right panel. Notice that is has two large buttons on top: Select Source and Acquire. They work in the current way, using them the user can select the scan source that it will use (either WIA or TWAIN devices) and open the scanning dialog.


The four tabs, place below these two buttons, will configure how scanning works.


Saving Tab

After each image is scanned, it will appear below the scan dialog (see the Options Tab to see how to configure it), and/or it can be saved automatically, depending on which of the three following options is selected:


Images can be saved in five different formats. Use the Image format list box to select the format (BMP, PNG, JPG, TIF or JPEG).


The user must select the location where the images will be saved, unless the Open without saving option is selected. The Pictures Folder text box shows the folder currently selected (if any). Use the Browse button to select/create a folder and the Open button to open the selected folder.

Naming Tab

The options set in this tab determine the names used for saving the images. Image will also be saved with sequential numbers. To allow proper sorting and display of the images the minimum number length can be selected here. All numbers below that length will be filled with zeros.

The Label text box determines the text that will be append to the number when saving images.

Numbering from value will determine the numbering.



If Min. Number length is 3, Label is "image" and Numbering from is 10, when scanning three PNG images, they will be named:

image010.png, image020.png and image030.png.

Processing Tab

The options set there will be applied to each scanned image before showing and/or saving it. When using BSH own scanning dialog, the same options will appear on the scanning dialog.

Also, most of this same options can be applied to any opened image by using the Image and Filters menus.

The Processing options are applied sequentially, always in the same order. Each option can be selected independently. All selected options will be automatically applied to each image if Process After Scan is selected as well. The options are:

  1. Filters: different filters can be applied to the images. The last filter option is Apply last BCG Adjustment. To know what are BCG adjustments see Adjust Brightness / Contrast / Gamma.

  2. Rotation

  3. Canvas Size: this option adds blank space around the image. Either the new image size or the space to be added around can be set here.

  4. Splitting: splits a page in two, generating two files. It is useful when scanning double page spreads. If Clear Gutter is selected, the gutter between the two pages will be cleared automatically. When splitting pages it is important to place each page spread always in the same position and to select carefully the scan area, to avoid splitting the pages in the wrong place.


Options Tab

Bersoft Scan Helper can use either the scanner default scan dialog (when using TWAIN scanners) or its own dialogs. When working with WIA scanners, BSH always uses its own dialog.

Depending on how Twain Scanner driver dialog is set, BSH will use its own dialog or the scanner dialog.


BSH own dialog will always remain opened between scans, so user scan many pages without closing it. On the other side, when using the scanner standard dialog, depending on the scanner brand and its configuration, the dialog may remain open between scans or close itself automatically after each scan.


Also, BSH own dialog has options for postprocessing images after they are scanned.


Note: Canon scanners allow configuring the ScanGear dialog in the Preferences section. To allow it to remain opened select: Do not close ScanGear automatically, in the Scan tab.