Multipage TIFF images

Bersoft Scan Helper (BSH) can generate Multipage TIFF files from images easily.

Click the tool bar button or the File > Create Multipage TIFF menu command to make the Create TIFF screen appear.


Notice that if some images are opened inside BSH the program will show a TIFF Selection Dialog with two options:


You can create Multipage TIFF files from scanned images that have not yet been saved to disk, by using the images currently opened.

If need you can add other images from the TIFF Creation screen.


TIFF Creation screen

Images can be added by using the Add Files or Add Folder buttons.

If the images were generated by BSH they will be already numbered sequentially, but if any page number is missing, BSH will ask if blank pages are to be inserted automatically, where needed.

The image file list can be sorted and arranged. Files can be removed from the list or added to it at any moment.

When any image file is selected, it will be shown on the right side at once.

Image files can be handled either by using the tool bar buttons located at the bottom of the screen or the contextual menu that pop-ups when the right mouse button is clicked.


Notice that if you add a multipage TIFF to the image list, only the first image on that file will be used.


Use the Save and Load Settings buttons to save both the file list as all the options in the Settings tab in a file, or to load the file list and options from a previously saved file.


Click the Save TIFF button on the bottom to actually generate the Multipage TIFF file.


Opening multipage TIFF images

BSH cannot modify multipage TIFF images but can open them. In order to edit some of the images copy and paste it, generating another image.