Bersoft Scan Helper is intended for scanning and image processing, including photos and documents and as an optional scanning tool to replace the software that came with your scanner.

It supports both TWAIN and WIA scanners and works under Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


Bersoft Scan Helper provides a far better proprietary dialog than the standard one for WIA Scanners. It remains open between scans, allowing the user to scan any number of pages and also to select the scan area and other options more conveniently than using the standard WIA scan dialog.


Also Bersoft Scan Helper can either use its own dialog for TWAIN scanners or use the scanning dialog provide by the scan manufacturer.


Bersoft Scan Helper is a total scanning solution for scanning multiple sequential files. Although it can handle single scans, it really excels when you need to scan a whole book, a chapter or a long series of documents or when you need to deal with files from a digital camera. Whether you are doing image post processing, publishing PDF files or just saving image files Bersoft Scan Helper does all of that and works with the set of documents.


Other application for Bersoft Scan Helper is generating Acrobat PDF files. Bersoft Scan Helper can arrange the images in a variety of ways on the page and can rotate and reduce its size as required.

PDF files can be generated without saving the scans, the images will be ordered automatically by filename or in any other way needed. Headers/footers and blank pages or a page with a title and be inserted before generating the PDF file.


Removing the dreaded black area in the book gutter and perimeter and eliminating automatically noise from black and white or grayscale images is fast and convenient.

The color and brightness of images also can be adjusted precisely.

Scanning two pages at once is simplified since Bersoft Scan Helper can rotate split and save each scan as a separate file, keeping the numbering right. Also different effects and filters can be applied to the images, either automatically or manually.



Resume of features: