Processing many files sequentially

By using the Browse menu, all images in a folder can be browsed and edited sequentially, by clicking the Previous and Next menu items. To automatize processing a many files. select the Browse -> Save automatically when browsing menu option. In this way images will be saved and closed automatically when a new image is opened in the same place.

Removing the shadows on page borders.

  1. Click the Edit -> Select All menu (Ctrl-A).

  2. Contract the selection with the range bar (or the left/right arrow keys) until only the unselected area covers the borders shadows.

  3. Click OK or press Enter.

  4. Adjust the selection manually, if needed.

  5. Click Edit -> Clear Unselected Area (Ctrl-Del), to clear the image borders.


If there are many similar images to be cleared, use the Browse -> Previous or Browse -> Next menu commands to move from image to image keeping the same area selected.

If needed, check the option Browse -> Save Automatically when Browsing.

Notice that the same menu commands are available as a popup menu when you right-click on the image.


Fixing Hewlett Packard multifunction scanners problems

Some multifunction Hewlett Packard scanners will show an error message if there is any problem with the scanner ink cartridge, but the error message doesn't explain that the problem is caused by the cartridge. Therefore, when having problems with multifunction HP scanners, replacing the ink cartridge may fix them.