Batch Conversion

Use this dialog box to convert several files into a another file format, resize or crop them or to apply a filter.


BatchScanPlus makes copies of the original files, saving them in the selected Output folder. The original images are not changed in any way, unless you select the folder where the original files are located as the Output folder (that is not recommended because safety reasons).


1. The Image Format tab is where the Image Format for the Output files is selected as well the images Pixel Depth.


2. Use the Transformations tab to split images from double page scans into separate files for each image or/and as rotating the images.

Rotation can be applied to All Pages, or to only every other page.

Since the Scan Tab has similar options to this tab, you can read more there about the options of the Transformation tab.


3. The Change Size tab holds the resize and crop settings.

Changing the canvas size changes the dimensions of the image by adding pixels to or removing them from the edges of the image. You can increase or decrease the canvas on a specific side or around the entire image. When you are increasing the canvas size, BSP adds white pixels around the image. Decreasing the canvas size produces the same result as cropping the image and may be cut off part of the image is incorrect values are specified.


4. The Effects tab includes several image filters.


5. Numbering Tab. If Save converted file with numeric file names is selected, the converted images will have different filenames, numbered accordingly to the settings in this tab. Since the files will be numbered sequentially, following the order set in the file list, they should be sorted correctly before converting the images. To sort the files there are several arrow buttons on the right of the file list.