Clear Gutter & Page borders shadows

When using flatbed scanners, and because books have a binding, the body of the book will normally form some curvature that causes dark and blurred areas around the gutter


Sometimes you can push down on the spine of the book to make the text lie as flat as possible, in order to keep the gutter dark areas away from the text.


Also, shadows or dark areas may appear in the book page borders, when light from outside enters while scanning.


If the book pages can be cut apart, this will prevent completely this problem and will also allow inserting the pages in an automated sheet-fed scanner.


Of course, sometimes one do not want to destroy a book or it is an invaluable specimen, so tearing way the book is not an option.


BatchScanPlus can eliminate the gutter and page borders dark areas in a semi automated way, when Editing the images, after they are scanned.


BSP workflow is done in three distinct steps:

  1. Scan

  2. Edit

  3. Generate PDF or do OCR

The second step (Edit) is where the dark areas can be corrected, as well as straightening and cropping the image and is done using the Edit Tab.


Learn how to use the Edit Tab.


The Edit tab is used to clear image areas and rotate the whole image, but also there are some filters and adjustments that can improve the image and remove shadows and clear noise from the page background.


When scanning images in black and white, only the Edit tab and the Image>Filters>Remove Noise menu command can be used to clean up the scans.


When working with grayscale or color images, there are more tools that may improve substantially the image quality.


There are several image filters in the Filters menu group that can improve the image quality.


Also, the most important tool to correct grayscale and color images tonal range is the Brightness / Contrast / Gamma Tab in the Adjustment toolbar, which is shown right below.


Learn to use the Adjustment toolbar.