PDF Numbering

By following the example below you will understand better how Footers and headers are numbered.

To include headers and/or Footers in the PDF file, the Enable check box has to be selected, and to put automatic page numbering in a header or footer, the characters #N should be typed in the header/footer text box.


In the Image #1 the Footers settings for a book are shown.

Notice that the setting Roman numerals: Use for the first pages (lowercase) is selected. That will activate roman numbers in lowercase.

In the book,the first 14 pages are numbered with Roman Numerals. You will notice that the setting below tells to use Roman Numerals in the first 15 pages, not 14. The reason is that at the beginning of the File list (shown in the Image #2), as file 000.png, there is the book cover, which becomes page # 1 in the Files list.

The setting From page is set to 8, because we do not want to show footers or headers in the first 7 pages.

Also notice that the setting Starting Roman Numeral is set to 7, because that is the number that we want to show in the first page with headers/footers, which is the page #8. Notice in the Image # 2 that when selecting the file 007.png (which is the page vii in the book), on the top right the page is shown as Page # 8 and the numbering for it is vii, which is the correct numbering.

Therefore, the first page with arabic numbering will be the page # 16 in the file list, which is the page numbered 1 in the book. It will be correctly numbered as page # 1 because we set the Starting number option to 1.

Image 1


Image 2