Processing files from Digital Cameras

Midrange and high-end digital cameras offer raw, unprocessed CCD data files, as an alternative to JPEG files. RAW files have more quality and file size than JPEG files. Typically they are saved with the following file extensions:


BatchScanPro (BSP) supports not only JPEG files but also RAW files from many digital cameras (RAW files generated by Adobe Photoshop are not supported).


The files from digital cameras usually have to be converted to a more suitable file format. JPEG files will lose a bit of quality each time they are saved again, so they are not a good choice while editing the pictures (although, at the end of the corrections you may choose to convert all files to JPEG file format). RAW files are read only, so they have to be converted as well.

The two recommended formats for converting the pictures are PNG and TIFF, because they are offer both small file size and lossless quality. The BMP format uses too much disk space, and JPEG will lose quality each time the file is saved.


BSP can convert the files and pre-process them in a single operation. To do so use the Batch Conversion button or the menu with the same name in File menu.


Batch Conversion can split files in two (useful when each file includes a two page spread), rotate them, change the color depth or size, apply filters and number the files. Learn More.


After the files are pre-processed using Batch Conversion, you can fine tune them by using the Edit Tab. Learn More.



BatchScanPro cannot read image files directly from the camera memory card unless it is mounted as a Drive.

The best option is to copy the files to a folder in the hard disk before processing them, otherwise the operation would be slow.