Scan Tab

BatchScanPlus supports TWAIN-Compliant devices, such as scanners and digital cameras.


Selecting the TWAIN-Compliant Device

To select a TWAIN-compliant device for acquiring images:

  1. Select Scan > Select Source.
    The Select Source dialog box opens.
  2. The Sources window displays the names of the TWAIN-compliant devices connected to your computer.
    Highlight the device that you want to use.

  3. Click Select to close the dialog box.


Acquiring an Image

  1. To scan images either select  the Scan > Acquire Image menu or click the button on the Scan Tab.
  2. Use the Scanner Data Source interface (it will be different for each scanner) to set the image acquisition options.
    When the device and its software finish processing the image, the image is sent to BatchScanPlus

  3. The Scanner Data Source dialog box remains open even after the image is loaded into BatchScanPlus.
    If Process and Save automatically is selected, you can continue to scan images and close it after you have finished.
    If Process and Save automatically is NOT selected, images will not be saved automatically, therefore if scanning several images, each new scan will overwrite the previous one without saving it.