What are WIA Scanners?

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) is a new standard for scanner drivers.

Microsoft introduced WIA drivers in Windows ME. WIA provides developers with a relatively easy way to write support for scanners.


The other standard in scanners drivers is TWAIN, which is older and more sophisticated then WIA.

TWAIN scanning dialogs can be extremely comprehensive, but since they are provided for the scanner manufacturer, the are different for each scanner brand.

WIA scanning dialogs are provided by Microsoft and they are look always the same, no matter which scanner is used, but they are very basic and do not provide the same functionality than TWAIN.


BatchScanPlus 1.x used the basic WIA interface provided by Microsoft for scanning with WIA scanners, making it very hard to use WIA scanners, since the dialog closed down after each scan end it was not possible to select the scan area.


BatchScanPlus 2 adds a far better proprietary dialog to handle WIA Scanners, replacing the basic Microsoft WIA scan dialog. It remains open, allowing the user to scan any number of pages without closing it and also to select the scan area and other options easily.