Directory Monitoring & Batch Printing

Directory Monitoring

HTMLPrint can watch one or several folders for incoming HTML documents or images and print them to a specified printer.


When working in Directory Monitoring or List Printing mode, HTMLPrint runs in the Windows Task Bar.


Batch Printing

File lists, including HTML documents, images, and configuration files, can be predefined, saved and printed on schedule.


Using the same configuration Tab, options for printing lists of files ca be configured, and the Batch Printing List Editor can be opened.



Both Directory Monitoring and Batch Printing are configured by using the Settings: Directory/List Printing Tab. Directory Monitoring can be also set with a parameter in the command line.

The Batch Printing Editor can be opened from the File > Batch Printing Editor... main menu as well.



Directory Monitoring is different from sending a directory name in the command line. Monitoring a directory keeps the program running continuously printing any new files in the directory.

For other part, sending a directory name in the command line will make HTMLPrint to print all HTML files currently placed in the specified directory, but after the printing is done, HTMLPrint will not monitor new incoming files but will close down automatically.