HTMLPrint Version Comparison

The version 9 license also includes a license for the version 8 The version 9 uses its own HTML printing engine (THTML) but the version 8 uses Mozilla Foundation's XULRunner 1.9.1 (Firefox 3.5 engine) as printing engine.

Any user who purchases the version 9 will get the version 8 as well and uses who purchased the version 8 can upgrade to the version 9 for free.

The following table shows the main differences between both versions.



Version 8

Version 9

Can print (optionally) table and page backgrounds colors and images



Supports Scripting, Dynamic HTML and Flash Yes No
Supports Headers and Footers printing Yes Yes
Supports using different Headers/Footers for different pages No Yes
Supports including HTML code in Headers/Footers No Yes
Can generate images or metafiles instead printing No Yes
Can print online HTML documents Yes No
Can load online images Yes Yes
Can run without installation (copying folder) No (unless MS C++ Redistributable is already installed) Yes
Can print images (*.bmp; *.jpg; *.png, *.gif) and metafiles (*.wmf; *.emf) No (prints inline images, but not images sent in the command line) Yes
Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2003, 2008, 2012 (32 and 64 bits) Yes Yes
Runs on Windows 2000 Yes No
Can print HTML code passed in the command line No Yes
Command line parameters Both versions support similar parameters, but the version 9 adds several new options..
Supports right-to-left languages like Hebrew and Arabic Yes No
Supports UTF-16 encoding Yes No
Supports UTF-8 encoding Yes Yes
Can print multiple files without using lists No Yes
Printing Engine specifications Same than Firefox 3.5 Supports most of the HTML 3.2 specifications with many additional popular HTML 4 enhancements


Gecko HTML engine supports more advanced HTML and CSS than THTML (besides other niceties), but still we decided to stop using it in the version 9.

Experience showed us that most of our customers work with normalized printing jobs (invoices, reports, etc.), and for most of them having flexibility in the footers/headers and being able to turn ON and OFF background and image printing were important features; unfortunately, using Gecko, those options are not available.

Of course, some people may prefer using Gecko instead THTML. Because that we offer two HTMLPrint versions for the price of one. In that way our customers can use whichever one is best for them.

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The latest evaluation versions of both HTMLPrint 8 and 9 can be downloaded at: