What is new in HTMLPrint 9.0?

Also runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows Server 2003,
2008 and  2012.

  • It includes two different HTMLPrint versions: The version 9, which uses its own printing engine and the version 8 which uses Mozilla Foundation's XULRunner 1.9.1 (Firefox 3.5 engine) as printing engine.

Anyone who purchases the version 9 will get the version 8 as well, for the same price.

Both versions have different capabilities. Depending on the required printing job one or other of them may be used. Learn More.

  • The HTML code to be printed can passed in the command line, without using any file.
    command line switches below.

  • New options for printing headers/footers.

  • Many new command line switches.

  • Improved Directory Printing options.
    Now HTMLPrint runs in the Task Bar when printing directories and file lists.

  • To print all HTML files in a directory, and stop HTMLPrint after the files are printed, a directory name can be send in the command line.

  • Can print multiple files without using lists. See Batch Printing Editor.

  • The printing scale (from 10 to 500%) can be specified, either in the configuration file or in the command line.


HTMLPrint is a Windows printing utility that is intended for printing HTML and ASCII text Documents and image files; including files with the following file extensions. .htm, .html, .txt, .png, .gif, .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .wmf and .emf.

Printing can be done in three different ways:

HTMLPrint runs as a visible application only when it is started without passing any argument in the command-line. It cannot run as a service.

Command line parameters usage

To print an HTML file from the Command Line pass the filename to be printed as a parameter, additional parameters can be added to configure the printing.

Bersoft HTML Print is designed to work with and be called by other software or at least, by a batch file, passing the filename (HTML  or TXT file, GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, WMF or EMF image) to be printed as a parameter in the command line; a text file containing a list of files to be printed or a directory path can be passed in the command line as well.

Learn more about Command line usage.

Printing lists or files incoming in a predefined directory (Directory Monitoring)

HTMLPrint can watch one or several folders for HTML documents or images and print them to a specified printer.

Alternatively, file lists can be predefined, saved and printed on schedule or just printed without saving anything.

See Directory Monitoring & List Printing and Batch Printing Editor

Using Configuration files

Besides settings options through the command line, most options are set by using a configuration file. This file can be created by other applications or by using HTMLPrint  File > Configuration File > Edit menu command, which opens a screen for setting all options in the configuration file.

See HTMLPrint configuration file

Using HTML files as headers/footers

By including some special tags in the HTML file, HTML files may be printed as headers or footers or headers/footers can be predefined in the configuration file..


Footer/Header Tab to learn more about printing headers and footers.

Special Printing tags.

Error log

If there are any errors while printing files, the error messages will be logged to the error_log.txt file, also HTMLPrint will return an error code to the calling application. Learn more.