Printing Configuration

The first time HTMLPrint runs it creates a configuration file, with the same name than the program (HTMLPrint is the standard name, but it may be renamed), but with .ini file extension.
That file is used to configure printing options. It can be edited using HTMLPrint (menu File/Edit) or any text editor like Notepad and it should be saved as an only text (ASCII) file.

Although the program usually looks for a configuration file with its same filename (but with .ini file extension) situated in its same directory, it is possible to use other configuration file, passing the filename as the second argument in the command-line.


htmlprint.exe myfile.html conf1.ini

If any filename passed in the command line have spaces, it always should be enclosed in double quotes. Example:

htmlprint.exe "images of the beach.html" "c:\Program files\conf\configuration.ini"