Settings: Directory/List printing Tab

The options under Directory/List Printing tab are for Directory Monitoring and Batch List Printing.

Click on the image tabs below to read information about other different configuration options or read the text below the image for information about Directory/List printing.

As introduction, please read Directory Monitoring & List Printing


All the following options are written under the [OPTIONS] section in the HTMLPrint initialization file.
Some of the settings can have only two possible values: 0 (OFF) or 1 (ON).
When a value is shown for any option (in the first column below), it is the default value.
The options can be set either through the above settings window, or by writing directly in the initialization file the corresponding values.

Note: When working in Directory Monitoring or List Printing mode, HTMLPrint runs in the Windows Task Bar.


Page List printing options


If ReadFromList is ON, HTMLPrint  will print all pages listed in the PageList file, instead printing the filename passed as a parameter. Nevertheless a filename always must be passed as a first argument, no matter if it is not going to be printed, otherwise HTMLPrint will start as a visible program.
value should be an ASCII file saved with .list file extension with a list of HTML pages or images.

Before the version 6, HTMLPrint used plain ASCII files, with just one filename in each line, as file lists.

In fact HTMLPrint still supports using that kind of files as printing file list, but also, by default, uses a new file list format, that allows setting many additional printing options, like printing time, number of pages, etc. Such lists are maintained and generated by HTMLPrint. The List Editor button opens the Printing List Editor window, where the list can be both edited and generated. Learn more.

DirectoryHTML or DirectoryIMAGES is specified, the files will be loaded always from the directory, not from the list.

Also, plain ASCII files, containing a file list, can be sent in the command line.



Concatenate and Joint only work when printing a PageList.

If Concatenate is ON and several pages are included in a Page Printing List, all pages will be concatenated into a single file before printing, separated by page or line breaks.

If both Concatenate and Joint are ON the pages will be separated by <P> tags instead page breaks, between the different documents. If Concatenate is OFF, Joint will have no effect at all.

When HTML documents are concatenated all them will share the same title and filename than the first page list document.

If the concatenated pages are located in different directories and have relative links to images, some images will not be printed as expected, since all links will be relative to the first page list document placement.

Warning: Concatenating files may speed printing, but concatenating too many pages or pages too long will consume a lot of memory!!


Directory Printing options








If the directory specified in DirectoryHTML1 (or 2, 3 or 4) or DirectoryIMAGES exists, the program will print all the HTML or image files in that directory instead the file passed as first parameter. 
ll files with .HTM or .HTML file extension in the specified HTML directory will be printed. 
allows printing all files with .BMP, .PNG, .JPEG, .JPG or .GIF file extension in the specified directory.
In both cases subdirectories are not scanned.
This options
override ReadFromList, so if you set ON DirectoryHTML or DirectoryIMAGES, ReadFromList will be always OFF.
If both
DirectoryHTML and DirectoryImages are specified, the HTML files will be printed before the images.
If any HTML files inside the specified
DirectoryHTML are also used as headers or footers of other pages, they will not be printed.  
AutoPrintDirectory is ON, the program will keep running and printing any incoming files in the specified directories.
In such way you can simply drop a copy of any files you want to be printed to the specified directory in order to print them.

The HTML files will be automatically erased after they are sent to the printing queue, unless Move all printed files to the following directory instead deleting them is selected (DirectoryMoveOpt=1), in such case the files will be moved to the chosen directory. Set DirectoryMove to the name of the directory where the files are going to be moved.

Only HTML files will be erased or moved, not any related files (like images or CSS files).
AutoPrintDirectory is ON HTMLPrint will run in visible mode to allow stopping the program, unless RunInvisibly  is ON.
AutoPrintDirectory and RunInvisibly  are ON the program will keep running in directory printing mode until Windows shuts-down.

The MinRestart option only will work when AutoPrintDirectory is ON. If MinRestart value is greater than 0 it will set each how many minutes will pass since HTMLPrint starts until it restarts automatically.

Use this option only if HTMLPrint doesn't release properly the memory when running for many days without interruption working in Directory Printing mode.

If ConfirmDirPrinting is ON HTMLPrint will show a confirmation dialog when it starts asking if Directory Printing should start. If the answer is Yes, HTMLPrint will run in the Task Bar and start monitoring the specified directories. If the answer is NO, HTMLPrint will do cancel Directory Printing for the current run and will either appear on screen (if started with no parameters) or stop running (if started with some parameters).


  • When AutoPrintDirectory is ON, the file name passed as parameter doesn't matter, because the program will only print the files placed in the designated directories instead the file name passed in the command line.