Batch Printing Editor

Older HTMLPrint versions used plain ASCII files as file lists, without allowing setting the time or printing specifications for each file.

Although HTMLPrint still supports using that kind of files as printing file lists, it now uses, by default, a new file list format, that allows setting many additional printing options, like printing time, number of pages, etc. Such lists are maintained and generated from the Batch Printing Editor window.

The Batch Printing Editor can be opened with from the File > Batch Printing Editor... main menu or by the Edit List button on Directory/List Tab, in the Printing Setup window.


The buttons on the toolbar have the same commands than the menus, although the menus include some commands with not corresponding buttons.

Button or corresponding Menu Command


Add Files in Directory

Adds all files (including images with .gif, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .wmf, .emf and .bmp file extensions and HTML documents) in the selected directory, not including subdirectories, to the Printing List.

Add Files

Adds only the selected file(s). It is possible to view only some kind of files and to add HTMLPrint configuration files (with .ini file extension) as well.
When adding multiple files there is a 32000 characters limit to the path + name length of all selected files.

Set Options for selected File(s)

The options are the ones shown in the grid below the buttons, which include:

  • File name.

  • Page range to be printed (From Page .. To Page)

  • # of Copies (collating is not supported, but a file can be added several times consecutively, in order to get several series of copies.

  • The default Action is just Printing. After HTMLPrint sends the printing job the Windows printing queue, it automatically changes the Action for that file to Done. Other Actions are Print & Delete (which deletes the file after sending it to the printing queue) and Print & Move (which moves the file to the selected directory.

  • Move to Folder. If Action is Print & Move, this will be the destination folder.

Move Up

Use these buttons to set the printing order. They move one or several selected files up or down.

Move Down

Clear selected Rows

Removes selected files from the list.

Clear all Rows

Clears completely the list.

Show selected File

Opens the selected File in a small window.


Prints the list of files without saving any file list.


Set Printing Date/Time

If this options is selected, printing will not start immediately when HTMLPrint starts, but only when the selected time and date is reached or passed.

File Menu Command

These menu commands don't have corresponding buttons on the toolbar

File>Open Printing List

Opens another Printing List file.

File>Append Printing List

Appends another Printing List file to the bottom of the current one.

File>Save Printing List

Enabled only when the Printing List has been modified.

File>Save Printing List As...

Saves the Printing List in another place.

View>Advance to next File automatically

Useful to viewing a file after another by just clicking the button once for each file. When this menu is checked the next file in the list will become selected automatically after the Show selected File button is clicked.

Using configuration files to use different printing options inside the same Printing List

By intercalating HTMLPrint configuration files in the Printing List it is possible to change HTMLPrint printing configuration on the fly.

After loading a new configuration file, all files printed afterward will follow the options set by that file.
It is possible to intercalate as many configuration files as you want inside the Printing List.