Settings: Margins Tab

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All the following options are written under the [Margin] section in the HTMLPrint initialization file.
Some of the settings can have only two possible values: 0 (OFF) or 1 (ON).
The values shown for in the first column below, are the default ones.
The options can be set either through the above settings window, or by writing directly in the initialization file the corresponding values.




If USE_MILLIMETERS  is ON, LEFT, TOP, RIGHT and BOTTOM margins must be set in millimeters, without fractions, otherwise they may be in decimal inches. The default values are 20 mm or 0.8".

The Bottom margin cannot be set in the TRIAL version.

MARGINHEIGHT and MARGINWIDTH are Screen margins and are expressed in pixels.
The Screen margins define how the document look on the screen, but nevertheless they will be added to printing margins at printing time. The default values are 10 for MARGINWIDTH and 0 for MARGINHEIGHT.

Although Screen margin are specified in pixels, they will be recalculated to the printer resolution. Therefore the 10 pixels margin on the screen (at 96 DPI) will be scaled to 62 pixels on a 600 DPI printer.

To set the margins in millimeters select Set margin in millimeters, otherwise select Set margin in inches; depending on the selected option USE_MILLIMETERS  will be ON or OFF.


If HTML headers or footers are specified, either the top and/or the bottom margins will be automatically adjusted to fit the height of the HTML page used as header or footer, so the top and/or bottom margins values will not be taken in account.

Also the header and footer will take the same screen margins than the body.

If any margins are set in the BODY tag (like leftmargin, marginwidth, etc.), those values will be added to the printing margins.

If you want HTMLPrint to use exactly the printing margins specified in this tab, set both Screen margins to 0 and also avoid specifying any margins in the BODY tag of your documents.