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Number of licenses Price per license
Single User (1-2 licenses) 79.00.-
Single User (3-10 licenses)


Single User (11-50 licenses)


Single User (51-500 licenses) 19.00.-
Server (up to 100 users) 250.00.-
- Server (up to 500 users and/or 5 installations) 500.00.-
Server (up to 2000 users and/or 20 installations) 2000.00.-
Ask us for Server or OEM licensing ordering details and for other number of licenses.
See Licensing Model for pricing and licensing details.

All prices are in U$ dollars.

To review more information regarding the payment methods, click on any Ordering link above. You will be able to read a detailed explanation before entering any personal information.
If you order a Single User License you will be able to enter the number of Licenses that you want to purchase (the default is 1 license).

On receipt the confirmation of your payment we will send you, by E-mail a download link to the full HTMLPrint program as well an activation key.
Give us up to 24 hs to complete the process.

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