About Bersoft

We started our software business in 1995 and our unique point of sales is https://bersoft.com.

Phone Numbers
We have built a highly efficient system that lets us keep our prices way lower than our competitors without sacrificing quality of our service. As a way to cut costs, we do not provide phone support, but we handle all sales inquiries and tech support via e-mail.

Email/Online Form
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We offer free lifetime technical support for our customers, and free 30 day support for any people interested in our products.

Hours of Operation
We answer email inquiries seven days a week. Our best response times are on weekdays and during office hours, but we do respond to emails on weekends and holidays. At times, such as during holidays or after a product launch, our response time may be more than 1 day, but usually we answer in a pair of hours.

Privacy and Security Policy
Our comprehensive Privacy Policy can be found here.