The Button Palette

The Button Palette, placed on the left of VisionField Main screen, has buttons that correspond to the same menus in the menu bar, but allow easier access.




Menu and Shortcut


File > Open Test (Ctrl-O)

Opens previously saved tests.

Tests > Visual Field Test (Ctrl-N)

Starts a Full Eye Test.

Test > Cancel Test in Progress

Stops (cancels) the test. This button only is active after a Test starts

Tests > Progression Analysis (Ctrl-A)

After at least four test has been performed and saved, this button makes a Progression Analysis to check if there is any changes in the VisionField.

Help > VisionField Help (F1)

Opens the Help file (the same you are reading just now).


If the button palette doesn't appear and you want having it, click the View > Button Palette menu to show it again.

When performing tests the Button Palette will show only the STOP button.