How to use VisionField?

Before learning how to operate the software, please read Instructions for making your test work.


Visual Field Test

The test takes several minutes, and you may need to perform it several times, before getting comfortable with the software.

Saving the first test that you performed may not be wise, since you may have done some mistakes, we recommend to run at least a pair of tests, just for training, before saving the test results.

The Visual Field should be checked once for each eye. To start click the button in the button palette or click the Tests > Visual Field Test menu.

VisionField will ask for some information before starting the test, as the picture below shows:

Take special care in selecting accurately which eye you are going to test. You can't test both eyes at once.

The information that you enter before running a test will be needed when you perform Progression Analysis to compare tests in-between to make sure that you are comparing tests performed on the same eye and by the same person.

After you click the Continue button, VisionField will draw a green circle showing basic instructions on the screen, after you click once the test will start.

Along the test VisionField will show a light, more or less bright, on different places, always inside the green circle.

Do not be concerned if you do not see all the lights. With every test, there will be lights that even someone with normal vision will not be able to see.

The advance bar to the right shows the test advance, but is better to not look at it to avoid getting distracted.

Keep your eye always centered on the mark in the middle of the green circle and keep clicking each time you see clearly a light. If in doubt do not click at all.

When the test is finished VisionField will offer you an option to save the test with a predetermined file name that indicates which eye was tested, your name, and the time-date.

At last, VisionField will display the Test Report Window. Learn More.


Saving tests is important, but only if they were well done, since the final objective of using VisionField is comparing several test between them in order to know if the Visual Field is stable or worsening, by running a Glaucoma Progression Analysis.  Learn More.


We recommend to run a Visual Field Test once or twice a month. It is best if once you selected the time interval between test, you keep it always the same. After you had saved at least four test then you can run a Glaucoma Progression Analysis to see how your vision is going.

Since the evaluation version of VisionField will run only a month, you should run tests more frequently to be able to run at least one Glaucoma Progression Analysis before the software expires. Of course, if you purchase the software, it will not expire ever. Learn More.