Instructions for making your test work

There are several things you can do to be sure you are giving the most accurate responses to the test.



Many times a bad score is caused for lack of concentration throughout the course of the test, only when receiving similar results more than once, the test findings will be validated.

You should get at least two times, the same or very similar tests results, taking both tests in the same day. Having similar results means that you are performing the tests in a consistent way, an so getting reliable results.


After getting the first two reliable test results, delete all previous tests.

The first two tests are always used to set a reference baseline and should be taken in the same day. Precedent tests should be taken at least with 15 days separation, although a month may be a more proper interval.

After having at least four tests ready (the two first reliable test plus other two) you can perform the first Glaucoma Progression Analysis.


Note: Since VisionField evaluation version will work for only 30 days, you should take tests with less than 15 days interval, so you can try the Glaucoma Progression Analysis before the program expires, since you need at least 4 valid tests to run a Glaucoma Progression Analysis. Of course, such analysis will not correctly separated in time, but at least will show you clearly how VisionField works. Of course, if you purchase VisionField, it will not expire ever. Learn More.