Glaucoma Progression Analysis

The final objective of using VisionField is comparing several tests (at least 4) between them in order to know if the eye condition is stable or worsening.

To compare tests click the button on the Button Palette or the Tests > Glaucoma Progression Analysis menu command.

VisionField It will open the Glaucoma Progression Analysis Selection window, where you can browse for the folder where tests are saved, select the tests to be analyzed on the left bottom file list and drag them to the Test List on the right.

There are several buttons between the folder browsing and file selection panes on the left and the Test List on the right. These buttons will be disabled or enabled depending on which Test files are selected, either on the left or right lists.

Select all tests on the left file pane (Ctrl-A)

Add selected tests to the file list. The tests also can be dragged there.



Remove selected tests from the file list (Del)

Move up selected tests on the file list

Move down selected tests on the file list


The files on the Test List always will be sorted automatically by the Date they will done.

When any file on the File List is selected, VisionField will display the Name, Eye, Date and Time corresponding to the test on the Status Bar.


Click the OK button to perform the Glaucoma Progression Analysis on all test in the Test List. After the analysis is done the Progression Analysis Report will appear.

Interpreting the Glaucoma Progression Analysis Report window

On the top the Report will show some tests information on a table:

Field Name


From ... to ...

The first and last tests date.



The  Name and Eye fields are taken from the information entered in the Personal Information window, filled at the beginning of the each test by the user.

Always indicate correctly the eye under test, so the Glaucoma Progression Analysis can be done without mistakes.

Number of tests

Shows how many tests were used to perform the Glaucoma Progression Analysis.


Below the table you will see the Visual Field Glaucoma Progression Status. Each Visual Field point status will be shown with pictures, as shown in  the sample below.


Open triangle (you can see three open triangles in the left image)

Identifies a point that has worsened.

Half-filled triangle (you can see two half-filled triangles in the left image)

Identifies a point that has worsened in two consecutive follow-up tests.

Filled triangle

Identifies a point that has worsened in three consecutive follow-up tests.

Square (as usual, most points are squares in the left image)

Identifies a point that has not worsened.

The left image doesn't show significant changes, but they may appear when another test is done.

Note: The two first tests always are used as a baseline reference. A significant change from baseline in the same three or more points in three consecutive follow-up tests will alert you that your Glaucoma condition is worsening.



Tests can be opened, and saved from the File menu.

Glaucoma Progression Analysis reports can be printed and exported either as HTML or Word documents by using the top-left buttons on the Glaucoma Progression Analysis Report window.


This analysis is not intended for replacing the Visual Field tests done by your ophthalmologist, it only complements them. Always consult your ophthalmologist for proper guidance.